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"...full of promise...satisfying..."

-Library Journal

from Touchstone



La Comadres National Book Club Selection @ Borders

Bookmarked Breakout Book @ Target

The Latinidad List Best Chick Lit Book of 2008

"...[readers] will be charmed by its many bittersweet,

humorous and true-to-life moments..."


Sometimes what we have is not enough...

She doesn't know his name and he doesn't know hers, but they do know they were meant for each other. For Alexander Velazquez and Evelyn Sinclair it's love at first sight but they are too caught up in proving themselves at work and to their families to take a chance on the stranger they happened to lock eyes with through a train window.

Alexander, an ambitious lawyer from a working-class neighborhood, and Evelyn, a daughter of privilege trying to make it on her own, want to find meaning in their lives while looking in wrong directions. A series of missed connections bring them tantalizingly close meeting, but something or someone always seems to get in the way. As they watch each other through their office windows, all they can do is wonder.

"A thoroughly captivating novel filled with warmth, wit, and style. 

I kept turning the pages until there were none left." 

--Karen Quinn author of Wife in the Fast Lane and The Ivy Chronicles

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"Life is full of opportunities. Don't miss yours to read

More Than This. It will make you believe in destiny!" 

--Lara Rios author of Becoming Americana

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"Margo Candela's writing is smart, engaging and laugh-out-loud funny.

In More Than This she has created a vibrant and colorful cast of

characters you won't soon forget." 

--Wendy Nelson Tokunaga author of Midori By Moonlight

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"More Than This should come with a warning label: careful, contents will

keep you up all night and will stay with you week on after." 

--Mary Castillo author of Switchcraft

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