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News Until There is News: March 2009

A new spic-and-span redesigned site is in the works. Until then, any and all news (whether it's worthy or not) will be posted on my blog. Plans are in the works, contracts and schemes are being negotiated, but the hope is that a tweaked version of my website will be up by the summer time.

Real World Writing News

NY Observer: A dream book deal may leave you fat and lonely. Guardian Unlimited: Drowning in the slush pile of broken dreams. SF Weekly: Even McSweeney's can't live without cold hard cash. Salon: Pretty girls who type can't get a break in literary world. NY Observer: Chick lit is still fun and frothy even in Saudi Arabia. Yahoo!: Albert finds she can lie but she can't hide from lawyers. NY Mag: MFA teacher's pets can't escape the hype machine. NY Observer: Good looks get press, might help sell books. Salon: Even if you publish a book your life will still suck. Hard. LA Times: Celeb starts book club, warrants feature story. NY Mag: Quirky filmmaker writes quirky novel; eye rolling ensues. NY Times: Hipsters invade libraries, coolness may follow. Guardian Unlimited: Austen experiment embarrasses all. Baltimore Sun: Bookstores learn obvious lesson, patrons suffer. Yahoo!: Frey editor mad at Oprah. Oprah still rules universe. Village Voice: BlackMen mag goes bigger with the Maxim model. LA Times: Writers (and bloggers) contest book review turf. NY Times: Writer makes it easier for writers to waste time. Village Voice: Touby sells co. for $23M. Who's laughing now? Yahoo!: She acts, has two last names and has written a novel. The Phoenix: Pretty people write books, author photo sells copies. NY Times: Couch based book tours the new thing in publishing. TimeOut NY: White is not black but plenty green in publishing. NY Observer: Life is glam for Teen Lit editor and writer. Yahoo!: Authors just don't warrant the constant coverage. Yahoo!: People can't be bothered to pick up a book. Publishers shrug. SF Chronicle: Literary star blog to benefit charities, some mid-list authors. LA Times: Striking writers pen novels to fill time. LA Times: Rich and connected Hollywood spawn write book about Hollywood rich and connected. Wall Street Journal: Writing for a living becomes even less of a way to earn a living. Yahoo!: Nigerian lady lit opens eyes and avenues. NY Mag: Memories make for many books. TimeOut NY: How to succeed in publishing depends on who's asked. NY Observer: Hot ARCs help not-so-hot literate guys pick up hot literate chicks. NY Observer: Big money advance for semi-known snarky lady.

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